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How to Take Care of Pet Fish?

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016

How to Take Care of Pet Fish?

Fish come in various sizes and shapes, if you are first time owner, then all this may look a little scary to you, but with this guide, you will overcome all problems.

Decide between Tropical and Coldwater fish

There are generally two types, Tropical and Coldwater fish, goldfish and minnows are Coldwater fish, while there are many types of tropical fish and they are little hard for maintenance. If you are still inexperienced, our advice would be to start with a fish that is not too expensive. The main reason they are cheap, because they have a high percentage of survival in natural habitat and in captivity and because they breed regularly. Don’t begin with saltwater fish, because you will need to understand their nature and their complexity before you get one, plus their maintenance can be demanding.

goldfish in bowl

Choose a type of fish and how many do you want to have

Before you put two species together, you will need to conduct proper research in order to see whether they are compatible. Some fish are, others aren’t, for example, territorial fish love their freedom, but there are fish who enjoy company. You will be required to provide specialized care for every type of fish, this includes more common maintenance, proper food and others. After all, when you own a fish, you have big responsibility.


Choose the proper size tank

For goldfish you will need to buy a tank that has 20 gallons, but if you have more, for each additional one, 10 gallons more. There is a rule regarding this measure that state for one inch of the fish you will need to buy one-gallon size tank, but forget about this rule. The bigger your tank is, the freer your fish will fill and it doesn’t matter if its small one.

cleaning-tankOrder proper equipment

Your tank needs to be properly equipped so you will need heaters, filters, water conditioner, test kits and others. You need to provide the best possible environment to you fish and secure her longer and comfortable life.

Cycle your tank

Before you add any fish, you need to cycle your tank, by adding ammonia and nitrate, in this way you will clean up the filters and provide bacteria free environment for your fish. This process takes about four weeks. Many fish die due to an ammonia poisoning because the owners don’t know about this and they immediately fill in the tank with the fish.

Put your fish into the tank

It is best to do this by adding fish one by one and then build a population. If you add too many fish at the beginning, tank’s filtration system might be overload.

$_35Change water weekly

By changing 20 to 30 percent of water every week, you will provide a healthier environment to your fish. Don’t forget to add water conditioner when you put a new one.

Water should be tested regularly

Your results should show 0 ammonia, o nitrite and nitrate should be under 40.

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